Comprehensive Assessment & Care Planning Software for Behavioral Health Facilities

Maximizes Revenue and Cuts Expenses

  • Ends tedious combing of handwritten charts for statistical report data. Provides consistency and rapid, accurate data retrieval and significant savings since "chart pulls" can cost at least $5 each.
  • Immediate data access for calculating "best" MDS reimbursement.
  • Eliminates leasing costs for paper record storage or allows space owned by healthcare organization to be put to more profitable use.
  • Reduces costs related to chart folders, dividers, and filing cabinets, estimated at an average of $3 per record.
  • Lowers printer, paper and ink costs.

Reduces Medical Errors

  • Simplifies order transcription since handwriting is not an issue.
    • Pharmacy sees exactly what physician has written.
    • Eliminates checking paper med sheets at the end of the month.
  • Streamlines medication pass.
    • See at a glance which residents need medications and when.
    • Data indicating medications administered is instantly available.
    • Alerts to follow up on held medications and vital signs.
    • Bar-code verification of drug, dose, form and route.

Promotes Quality Through Teamwork

  • Information is available to all staff with access to a workstation.
  • CNAs need only one minute per resident needed for comprehensive information, and copycat charting is eliminated.
  • Charge nurses see desk-top alerts for missed charting before the end of shift.

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